Older LGBT People's Support

Alongside the issues facing older people generally, including loneliness, poor health, and worries about future care needs, older LGBT people have additional concerns. Of major concern is that older age services will not recognise or respect their LGBT identity, and many will not be ‘out’ to any of their healthcare providers for this reason.

LGBT friends are an extremely important source of resilience and coping for older LGBT people, as many face barriers to local community involvement.



Silver Rainbows’ is a group of older LGBTI people living in the West of Ireland. The group is open to all members of the LGBT community in Galway and neighbouring counties who are 50 years or older or who can identify with issues affecting people of that age.

Email: info@amachlgbt.com
Web: amachlgbt.com/silver-rainbows-new-group-for-older-lgbt-community