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AMACH! LGBT Galway aims to reflect equally the diversity within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community by encouraging positive participation from the community. We actively advocate to achieve a solid and safe support structure for the LGBT+ community in Galway. We aim to provide awareness, educational and training events and workshops, and endeavour to support and promote a socially inclusive society.



AMACH! LGBTI+ Galway's vision is to see an Ireland where LGBTI+ people are equal, safe and supported as valued members of society.

AMACH! LGBTI+ Galway’s mission is to achieve our vision through advocacy, providing supports and services and delivery of education, training and health programmes, for the benefit of the LGBTI+ community.



AMACH! LGBT Galway CLG. was launched by Senator David Norris on Monday 5th July 2010 in the City Museum, Spanish Arch, Galway. This auspicious day and important milestone in the history of Galway’s LGBT community was attended by guests including Galway County Mayor Jimmy McClearn, Chris Robson, Founder and Board Member of GLEN (Gay and Lesbian Equality Network), Michael D. Higgins T.D. and local councillors. In addition a large number of people from the local and national LGBT community attended the launch along with family, friends and supporters.


A community meeting held in July 2009 was attended by over 300 people from the gay community in Galway. The formation of a company limited by guarantee was identified as the best way to create a sound structure for the community. AMACH! LGBT Galway was set up following a further community meeting in November 2009. At that meeting 12 people expressed an interest in becoming directors of a new umbrella company for the Galway LGBT community.

Since our first meeting on December 12th 2009 the group has met every 2 weeks. Work on documentation & formalities required for registration as a company, including constitution and ground rules, have been developed, facilitated by West Training & Development. AMACH! LGBT Galway CLG. was registered as a company on March 19th, there are 10 people on the Board of Directors, and three sub-groups have been set up: Pride, Finance and PR.

AMACH! was registered as a company limited by guarantee with no share capital in March 2010.

AMACH! operates as a non-profit organisation.

AMACH! is not affiliated to, nor does it campaign on behalf of any political party, group or campaign.

As an organisation that was formed from the community, by the community and is a part of the community, we rely on the support, commitment and contribution of the LGBT community in Galway. Your feedback is appreciated, welcome and NEEDED!


Cameron Keighron (Chairperson)

(They/Them) is the current Chairperson of the AMACH! LGBT+ Galway Board. Cameron has been involved in LGBT+ activism for the best part of a decade with a heavy focus on developing services and resources in the West of Ireland. You can contact Cameron on cameron@amachlgbt.com.

Maria Molloy (Vice-Chairperson)

Maria Molloy is currently Vice-Chairperson of the AMACH! LGBT+ Galway Board.  As well as a background in science and management, Maria holds a Certificate in Family and Community Studies, NUI Galway.  She is also a board member of Sexual Health West (formally AIDS West). Maria has volunteered for several charities over the years including Oxfam, Amnesty International, Samaritans, Simon community (London) and she was a founding member of the Ecology society in GMIT.

Martin Flynn (Treasurer)

Martin has a business background and is the new Treasurer of AMACH! LGBT+ Galway. His background is in International supply Chain Operations and Financial Accounting as well as being Managing Director of a Software company. He brings his experience to the Treasurer role to support the financial administrative functions of AMACH! His role supports and streamlines behind the scene activities helping AMACH! deliver on its many vital community based activities. 

Alex O' Meara (Secretary)

Alex is currently working in HR and studying for an MA in Film Studies, with a focus on gender. He became inspired to join the board upon learning of all the essential services AMACH! LGBT+ Galway provides to the LGBT+ community.


Teach Solais LGBT+ Resource Centre was a hub of activity located in Galway city centre, hosting a wide variety of events open to the public. We are currently endeavouring to find a new permanent home for our much needed Teach Solais LGBT+ Resource Centre and we welcome your continued support. We continue to provide services and social groups from our AMACH! LGBT+ office located in the Westside Resource Centre


Welcome to Teach Solais LGBT+ Resource Centre, the first of its kind in the West of Ireland! If you fancy a cuppa and a chat why not pop in to our drop in on Saturdays? We would love to see you.


Teach Solais LGBT+ Resource Centre was located at Victoria Place, just off Eyre Sq. This City Centre location was a hub of activity, hosting a wide variety of events open to the public. It was also a focal point for delivery of education, training and health programmes in addition to support for individuals identifying as LGBT+ and for those who are 'coming out’. While we endeavour to re-open the Teach Solais LGBT+ Resource Centre in Galway city we will continue to provide services and social groups through our AMACH! LGBT+ office in the Westside Resource Centre.

Teach Solais is a centre for the community, run by the community. All the existing and new LGBT+ peer support groups have access to the resource centre, for example it is regularly used by LGBT Helpline; AMACH!; G.O.S.S.I.P., shOUT! and Silver Rainbows.

Activities and support groups currently taking place are Teach Solais Saturday LGBT+ Drop-in, Free Rapid HIV Testing with Sexual Health West, shOUT! LGBT+ Youth Group 18-25yrs, Anseo & Aiteach (Irish Language LGBT+ group), Queer & Crafty, Queer Games Night, and Silver Rainbows (for older LGBT+ people). We also run other activities such as health and wellbeing programmes - keep an eye on our social media to keep up to date!

Teach Solais drop-in is from 2-4pm every Saturday. It’s a great place to chill, bring your friends, meet new friends, get information, read a book, go on the internet, listen to music, play a board game (fiercest games of jenga to be had) have a cup of coffee/ tea and have a snack! It currently runs in-person every second week at Westside Resource Centre and online on Zoom every other week.