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AMACH! are in the process of compiling a list of people who are interested in volunteering to work for Galway’s LGBT community.

Training will take place in the coming months for new members of the board of directors of AMACH! LGBT Galway Ltd.

If you are interested, or know someone who would like to join AMACH!, we would appreciate if you would let us know by emailing us at

Please also pass this to anyone in your groups or organisations who may be interested. Thank you.

The marriage equality referendum at NUI Galway has passed with 95% of the vote after a record turnout. The blatant homophobia and bigotry of the opposition galvanised the student body into voting and voting for equality. A huge victory for NUIG. Congratulations to all involved.

Interested in LGB parents are been sought to help others understand the experiences of coming out as a LGB parent in Ireland. It is hoped that this research will increase the support available to others coming out later in life and will highlight what can help this process. If you would like to take part [...]